How to Use Black Friday to Jump Start Holiday Sales

How to Use Black Friday to Jump Start Holiday Sales

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend is the busiest shopping event of the year. In 2018 alone, more than $14 billion in revenue was generated solely through ecommerce sales across the weekend. To many consumers, Black Friday also signals the start of deal hunting for the rest of the year in order to find loved ones the perfect gifts for a great price. Businesses that leverage this behaviour can ride the wave of momentum generated by Black Friday and Cyber Monday all the way to the end of the holiday season. Just try these tips to use Black Friday to jump start holiday sales:

  • Create a gift guide
  • Enable wish lists
  • Extend your sale
  • Launch a new product or collection
  • Re-share your deals
  • Offer bounce-back coupons
  • Grow or launch your loyalty program

Create a Gift Guide

Create a gift guide

Gift shopping can be a stressful, time-consuming task for consumers who don’t already have ideas in mind. You can help take their stress away by creating a variety of gift guides curated specifically for every person on your customers’ gift list. By simplifying the task of present shopping, you make your audience grateful to you, a feeling they will ideally reward by buying the items in your gift guides.

Enable Wish Lists to Jump Start Holiday Sales

Enable wish lists

As the holidays approach, many consumers reduce the amount of money they spend on themselves. They do this not only to save money during an expensive time of year, but also so that loved ones don’t accidentally buy them an item they already own, thus avoiding the hassle of returns and tangle of gift receipts. That’s where wish lists come in handy. A consumer can either create the list for themselves, as a reminder of the products they want to buy once the holidays end, or for their friends and family to get them gifts they’ll actually want. Adding a wish list feature to your online store may expose multiple new customers to your business and the products you sell, which results in higher sales down the line.

Extend Your Sale

Extend your sale

The holiday season is rarely friendly to anyone’s wallet, so consumers are shopping around for the best money-saving deals they can find. Use this knowledge to jump start holiday sales, by extending your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale. The buzz of the holiday shopping event will bring consumers to your online business but your deals will keep them coming back throughout the season.

Launch a New Product or Collection

Launch a new product or collection

The Black Friday weekend is an excellent time for an online business to launch a new product or an entire collection. Thanks to the popularity of the shopping holiday, traffic naturally increases to participating businesses. That means more eyes will be on your new product(s) right when they launch. If you’ve done your research well and your audience matches your product, you should easily be able to convert window shoppers to paying customers. New products are also perfect to jump start holiday sales because they make unique gifts that the recipients likely don’t have yet.

Re-Share Your Deals

Re-share your deals

For businesses planning on running sales through the entirety of the holiday season, there can be a lot of pressure to come up with something fun and unique for every week or even every day of the sale. A faster alternative is to cycle your sales and run each deal a few different times, especially if you’ve noticed that some are particularly popular with your customers. This tactic can be made even more successful by aiming your deals at consumers who have shown interest in your products but didn’t convert the first time around. A second chance at a great deal may be all the encouragement they need to make a purchase this time around.

Offer Bounce-Back Coupons

Offer bounce-back coupons

An excellent way to leverage your Black Friday and Cyber Monday success is to send bounce-back coupons with every sale you make during the weekend. The purpose of a bounce-back coupon is to reward your customer for making a purchase by giving them a discount on a future purchase. Not only does this marketing method display your gratitude, but it also helps brings customers back for a new sale, thus earning you more revenue. A bounce-back coupon can be sent in a physical form, with a shipped package. They can also be sent digitally, as an email.

Grow or Launch Your Loyalty Program

Grow or launch your loyalty program

Loyalty programs add an element of fun to what otherwise would be a standard commerce transaction. By allowing customers to earn rewards in return for making purchases, you make them feel as though their business is worth even more. Encouraging consumers to sign up for your loyalty program to get a Black Friday bonus is a great way to bring them back to your business time and time again.

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